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Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Dempster Brothers provides professional weekly lawn mowing for both residential and commercial customers in Knoxville, Farragut, and Powell, TN. We mow all turf areas that can be safely reached at a cutting height that ensures the best root development, overall grass health, and pristine looks.

Your clean look is ensured by edging all areas where the lawn meets a solid surface (concrete, pavers, asphalt, etc.) and using a line trimmer around garden beds, structures, trees, and any other designated areas. Grass clippings are always blown off of all sidewalks, driveways, porches, landscape beds, and tree rings. Our commitment is to keep your property looking great week-in and week-out!

We separate ourselves from the competition by tailoring our services to each individual client. Our goal is to build lasting relationships not simply treat others as a number on a route. We take the time to close gates, pick up trash, and treat our clients how we ourselves want to be treated. Our golden rule is to always operate our business with an integrity first mindset.

Core Aeration & Over-seeding

Annual core aeration and over-seeding are the single best things you can do for the health of your lawn. – Properly done, aeration and over-seeding using high-quality seed and fertilizer becomes the foundation from which to build a lush green lawn.

Dempster Brothers uses only the best commercial equipment and industry standard materials to service your property. Beginning our service by flagging all sprinklers, irrigation heads, and any other hidden obstructions, we make sure nothing is damaged when we aerate a property. Once a property is flagged for aeration we begin to pull “plugs” using our specifically designed equipment and follow with a proper dosage and pattern of appropriate seed, starter fertilizer and lime (to lower soil acidity and improve delivery of nutrients).

We setup your property for success year in and year out by bringing oxygen back into the soil and re-invigorating the lawn with fresh seed and the seasonal growth nutrients it needs.

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Proudly providing lawn maintenance, landscaping, and lawn care for Knoxville, Farragut, and Powell, TN properties.