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Leaf Clean Up

We are blessed to live in a locale where without fail Autumn brings about the changing of the leaves. Leaves are beautiful but become hard to deal with once they fall and begin to inundate your lawn and landscape.

Dempster Brothers takes a comprehensive approach to leaf removal by servicing properties every two-weeks during the dormant season in order to maintain a tight reign on falling leaves and keep your turf healthy and your landscape looking its best. We begin by carefully blowing the leaves out of any garden beds or other designated areas and then proceed to blow and rake the lawn until a pile forms and all the fall debris is taken to the appropriate site.

We can haul your leaves off the property, leave them at the curb for city pickup, or blow them into the woods. We also offer curb pickup for clients living outside the city limits who prefer to get their leaves to the curb on their own but need someone to pick them up.

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