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Shrub Trimming

Trimming is a pivotal starting point for landscape maintenance. It takes professionals with the skills and know-how to trim and prune plants in the proper way and the right time of year. We begin every trimming and pruning service by performing a thorough walk-through of all the work to be performed; taking care to see if plants are growing into each other or up against any buildings. From there, team leaders delegate assignments in order to make sure all team members understand the scope of work to be performed and the proper techniques to achieve it.

Our team leaders always handle any delicate jobs themselves, they are well trained and know how every plant they may encounter is best maintained. When the bulk of trimming is complete, team members begin to clean up the clippings for removal. On every project we take the time for a final walk-through to ensure everything looks its best. You can rest assured that your plants are getting the care and attention they need.

Tree Trimming

In East Tennessee, trees are a beautiful part of our everyday lives but proper care can mean the difference between a soothing tree-scape and an out of control woodlot. Whether trimming, selective pruning, or total removal, Dempster Brothers is prepared to handle all of your tree care needs safely and professionally.

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